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Among the Redwoods

for Judi Bari

Hello old friends, itís been many years
Ere I walked among ye, towering

Duffy mulch absorbs each step
Woods burl with life emerging

Here, warless warriors born before the Crusades
Bear regal witness to the graceless masquerade

Of new and newer holocausts. Omnipotent hum
Of chains saw your wisdom

Establish greedís dominion
Profits Łber alles; Let me touch your skin

And not possess it, kiss your ancient lips, spill
My memories skyborne into your arms

Hear your silence slap the buzzing air
Fingers blazing with contempt

And join your final stand. At last
To soar among ye, towering.


Anti-copyright 1996, Mitchel Cohen
Red Balloon Poetry Conspiracy

from his book One-Eyed Cat Takes Flight

(posted here 7/29/02)

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