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Judi Bari Books and Recordings Page (revised 6/3/06)

You may order directly from Redwood Summer Justice Project. Details below.

Timber Wars book coverTimber Wars, Judi's 1994 book, is a compilation of her articles, essays and speeches, including her first person account of the car bombing and its aftermath, as well as her analyses of the issues which concerned her. Read a review of Timber Wars in Multinational Monitor, or read another review by Kim Goldberg for Nanaimo Times.
The 300-page book is published by Common Courage Press, paperback $14.95, ISBN 1-56751-026-4; cloth cover, $29.95, ISBN 1-56751-027-2. As of June 1, 2001, Timber Wars is officially out of print. However as of 6/3/06 you can still order it new or used from, or used through Advanced Book Exchange (ABE Books), and Alibris. (book info updated 6/3/06)

Who Bombed Judi Bari? CD or cassette, published by Alternative Tentacles Records (as Virus 205CD). Speeches and songs chronicling Earth First!'s defense of the ancient redwood forest ecosystem, featuring revolutionary ecology and hard hitting pro-labor speeches that expose destructive corporate logging practices. Hear Judi detail the FBI's COINTELPRO campaign to undermine and neutralize forest organizing. Go to our Audio Page to download and play selections from this CD. This CD is available from Darryl Cherney's website.

Order books and recordings directly from Redwood Summer Justice Project.

(Proceeds from sales go to support the work of Redwood Justice Fund.)

Revolutionary Ecology - The Legacy of Judi Bari -- 58 min. radio documentary narrated by Ruby Dee, produced by Noelle Hanrahan, broadcast by Alternative Radio in December 2000 -- CD or cassette $10.00 (listen to tracks online from our Audio Page)

Earth First! & Timber Workers: Alliance for Sustainable Communities by Judi Bari (soft cover booklet) RSJP, May 2000. $5.00

 Judi Bari at Briceland (Video)
Judi's last public talk about the bombing and the case against the FBI,  November 1996
(NTSC  VHS  Approximately 1 hr.) $12.00 (new reduced price!)

Revolutionary Ecology (soft cover booklet)  published by Trees Foundation, 1998. Includes the essay by Judi Bari plus a biography of Judi. $3.00

Add $2.00 or 5%, whichever is greater, for packing and shipping to U.S. addresses.
California residents add 7.5% sales tax to subtotal of item prices.

Please make your check payable to Redwood Justice Fund and mail your order to:

Redwood Justice Fund
P.O. Box 14720,
Santa Rosa CA 95402.

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