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Articles about the Judi Bari bombing case and the suit against the FBI

(last revised 6/13/05)

Some items below take you to other websites, which should open in a new browser window. After reading an external article, instead of using the browser's back button, simply close the new window, and you should find this original window still open. Several articles are in the Albion Monitor, an independent Internet Newspaper published by Monitor Publishing of Sonoma County, California.

The Judi Bari Bombing Revisited -- Big Timber, Public Relations and the FBI  -- Albion Monitoranalysis and commentary
(Note: This article should open in a new browser window.)
This article reviews the evidence and presents a theory that Judi was bombed and then framed for it as part of a timber industry public relations campaign to defeat the Forests Forever initiative, Prop. 130 on the November 1990 ballot
. The corporations paid giant PR firm Hill & Knowlton millions to smear (with the collaboration of the FBI) Judi and Earth First! as violent extremists, and then to falsely link Prop. 130 to EF! in the voters' minds. The industry would have lost billions of dollars if the initiative had passed, and the corporations spent some $20 million to defeat it. The article also reviews the FBI's history of repression of activists for social and political change and discusses the Bari bombing in light of Operation THERMCON, the FBI's plan to neutralize EF! by trying to connect its best known leaders with explosives. Published in the Albion Monitor May 28, 1999 (posted 6/17/99)

Report on April '99 Hearing in Oakland Police Appeal
On April 15, 1999, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments  in the Oakland Police appeal of a 1997 decision denying them immunity from being sued. The hearing before a packed courtroom went well, with comments by some of the judges showing they get it.  See "Court of Appeals Rejects Oakland's Appeal" elsewhere on this site for the ruling.  (posted 4/28/99)

FBI Lab Scandal
Supports Charges of FBI Wrongdoing in Judi Bari Earth First! Bombing Case. A news release from Redwood Summer Justice Project. (posted 4/9/97)

Special Report -- The FBI Laboratory: An Investigation by U.S. Dept. of Justice / Office of Inspector General (DOJ/OIG) into Laboratory Practices and Alleged Misconduct in Explosives-Related and Other Cases (April, 1997). Read especially the parts dealing with FBI explosives expert David R. Williams, who played a key role in the attempted framing of Judi Bari by falsely stating that nails found in a search of Judi's home matched nails attached to the bomb. (link updated 9/10/02)

The Press vs. Judi BariAlbion Monitoreditorial by Jeff Elliott, March 18, 1997

Judi Bari Wins Round in FBI SuitAlbion Monitorstory by Nicholas Wilson, reporting on Judi's November 22, 1996 hearing and support rally in Oakland CA, early December 1996

A Media Tale of Two Bombing Stories, Media Beat - Commentary by Norman Solomon, contrasting the FBI's exoneration of Atlanta Olympic Bombing suspect Richard Jewell with the stonewalling and coverup in the Bari case, December 1996

Why No FBI Apology for Judi BariAlbion Monitorstory by Nicholas Wilson, reporting on CNN's update story about Judi Bari comparing her case to Richard Jewell's, November 1996

A Sense of Betrayal, CNN story script contrasting FBI's treatment of Judi Bari to that of Richard Jewell, November 12, 1996

Letters to the Editor of Albion Monitorre Judi Bari coverage, the entire letters section commented on Judi, her case, and the Monitor's coverage, March 1997

The FBI and the Bombing of Judi Bari, by Andrew Griffin. "On Friday, Aug 1, 1997, ... Ottawa activists held a lonely and largely overlooked vigil in front of the U.S. Embassy on Wellington Street. They were there to draw attention to an FBI inaction that the agency is not so eager to have broadcast around the globe." (This article appeared August 7, 1997, in the XPress, the newsweekly of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Read the organizer's account below.) (posted 8/9/97)

Ottawa U.S. Embassy Solidarity Vigil August 1, an organizer's report by Mark Stoddart. A small group of activists set up a banner in front of the U.S. embassy to Canada, asking the question "WHO BOMBED JUDI BARI?" and began handing out pamphlets. Within moments a panicked security guard was outside informing us that the sidewalk in front of the embassy was "private property." (Article submitted to the Peace & Environment News, Ottawa, Canada. Posted 8/9/97)

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