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Democracy Now! features COINTELPRO on 6/5/02 and 6/6/02

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Audio Files and Links Page  (revised 1/30/07)

Audio Files MP3 files for streaming or downloading and listening

Here is a great way to hear Judi talk about her case, which not only makes it easy and fun to learn about the facts of the case, it will let you experience Judi's bright, witty personality and her eloquent speaking style. The files are in the popular MP3 format. On older computers you may need to download and install a free MP3 player, but that's easy, so don't let it keep you from enjoying these audio selections.

For audio help see below. 

Revolutionary Ecology - The Legacy of Judi Bari -- 58 min. radio documentary narrated by Ruby Dee and produced by Noelle Hanrahan. This excellent program aired on the Alternative Radio series in December, 2000. In Judi's own words and the comments of Carl Anthony, Karen Picket, Michael Parenti, Ed Herman, Jose Lopez, Geronimo ji jaga and Ramona Africa, this radio documentary tells her story. (added 1/29/01)

Click here for a transcript of the program. (added 1/30/01)

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Community radio broadcasters will find a medium quality MP3 file (32kBit/sec.) on the Radio4All website (

To order cassettes or CDs of this program directly from RSJP please see our Books and Recordings page.

BBC Radio's "Don't Mourn, Organize: The Judi Bari Story" (posted 5/10/06)

BBC Radio broadcast a half-hour Judi Bari documentary in December 2004. The half-hour program can be streamed or downloaded from our server as an MP3 file.

Click here to stream (M3U playlist file)
Download the 4.9 MB MP3 file -'t_mourn_judi_bari_story_041213.mp3 

Judi Bari interviewed on Radio Curious (posted 5/24/06)

In this half-hour Radio Curious interview by Barry Vogel, Judi gives a brilliant analysis of how Texas corporate raider Charles Hurwitz took over Pacific Lumber with the help of junk-bond king and convicted felon Michael Milken. Hurwitz then immediately began liquidating PL's assets, including tripling the previous rate of cutting of the largest remaining privately owned stands of old-growth redwood forests. Judi explains how, instead of using the proceeds of the liquidation logging to pay off the junk bond takeover debt, Hurwitz then used financial trickery to line his own pockets to the tune of hundreds of millions. Hurwitz split PL into three parts, leaving the bondholders the cut-over timberlands while putting Headwaters Forest into a debt-free subsidiary controlled entirely by himself, so he could sell it off to the government and pocket hundreds of millions. This interview was first broadcast on March 27, 1995. It is available here by permission of Barry Vogel. Thanks, Barry. Here's a link to Radio Curious Interviews page where you will find Barry Vogel's capsule description of this interview. Here's a link to the Radio Curious home page.

Click here to stream a low bitrate (24kbps) MP3 file from our server for online listening
Download a low bitrate file from our server: 
Download a higher quality MP3 file (64kbps, 13.5 MB) from the Radio Curious Archive

Juror Mary Nunn talks about the Bari vs. FBI trial on KMUD radio (posted 8/20/02, revised 8/29/02)

Juror Mary Nunn was a guest on KMUD public radio's Women on Wednesday program on July 31, 2002. She was also interviewed that day by KMUD news director Estelle Fennell. Mrs. Nunn had a lot to say about the wrongdoing of the FBI and Oakland Police in the Bari-Cherney bombing case. KMUD, with studios in Redway, California, is the community public radio station for the southern Humboldt County area where Darryl Cherney lives. It also serves northern Mendocino County. (

The Women on Wednesday talk show included an approximately 1 hr. segment with Mary Nunn. We have split it into two MP3 files. The KMUD News interview with Mary runs about 11.5 min., and is a separate MP3 file.

Click here to stream the KMUD News segment (M3U playlist)
Click here to stream the two Women on Wednesday files (M3U playlist) (broken links fixed 8/24/02)

Download KMUD News segment (1.6 MB)-
Download Women on Wednesday Part 1 (4.7 MB) -
Download Women on Wednesday Part 2 (4.1 MB) -

Judi Bari's Deposition -- MP3 files taken from the audio track of her deposition videotape as shown in court at the end of trial in Bari vs. FBI, May 2002.  (posted 5/22/02)

Judi was able to preserve her testimony for the jury with a sworn deposition taken only a month before her death in 1997. The depo was videotaped and also taken down by a court reporter. When Judi's impending death from cancer was mentioned, FBI attorney Joseph Sher accused her of faking cancer and tried to block the depo. Sher threatened to delay the depo a month, using the threat to coerce an agreement that the deposition could not be made public except whatever portions became part of the court record. He then constantly interrupted virtually every question asked of Judi by Dennis Cunningham, and then objected to Judi's answers, interfering with their train of thought and the flow of Judi's testimony. Judi was very ill and was lying on a couch propped up with pillows but she told her truth and got it on record. The two days of deposition were reduced to just 90 minutes of edited video shown to the jury, with all of Sher's objections edited out along with much of Judi's testimony.  There are three MP3 files of approximately 30 min. each. which you can stream for online listening or download and save for playing offline.

Click here to stream all three files (M3U playlist)

Download MP3 file 1 (4.1 MB)
Download MP3 file 2 (4.5 MB)
Download MP3 file 3 (4.1 MB) 

Judi Bari Presents her Case Against the FBI.  This is a masterful, hour-long speech given by Judi at her awesome  peak, revealing her sense of humor,  intellect, and amazing grasp of the case. Laugh while you learn the facts in a way that you'll remember.  Alicia Littletree broadcast the tape on her Truth To Power program May 12, 2000 on KZYX/KZYZ  Mendocino County Community Radio. Alicia briefly introduces Judi's speech, and announces the 10th anniversary events in the S.F. Bay Area. (posted 5/13/00)(revised 6/28/01)

     Judi Bari's Berkeley Case Presentation - 5/18/96,  1:01 - 7 MB - MP3

    To download the MP3 file for playing later click here.
    This program plays for 61 minutes, and takes about 36 min. at 28,800 to download ( but it's worth it). If you're downloading, we suggest trying out one of the short files in the section below before tackling this big one. 

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    (added 5/21/00)(revised 6/28/01)

 Short selections  from  the CD Who Bombed Judi Bari?

This is a compilation of recordings of Judi speaking at many different times and places, talking about her case and her beliefs on the radio and to interviewers, or speaking to thousands at the 1996 Rally for Headwaters. The following are short selections in MP3 format that are highly compressed so they download quickly and are streamable. (The numbers after each item show the playing time in minutes and seconds followed by the file size in kilobytes.)

Click here to download a M3U playlist file that will automatically stream all these selections in sequence. If your browser is configured properly your player will open and begin playing automatically. If you are given a choice to save the file to disk or to play it from the current location, choose to play it. Any MP3 player that recognize M3U format play lists and is capable of streaming over the Internet should work.

  • Mississippi Summer In The Redwoods (AKA Redwood Summer) - Judi explains the strategy behind calling for massive nonviolent action in the summer of 1990 - 1:39 - 299 KB
  • Death Threats - Judi tells of violence and threats by timber industry supporters, including how her car was rammed by a logging truck, and how police ignored it when Judi reported death threats - 1:59 - 295 KB
  • May 24, 1990, the bombing - Judi tells of being bombed and then blamed for it by Oakland Police and FBI - 3:59 - 713 KB
  • KPFA News report of the bombing - Bay Area public radio evening news reports the bombing and repeats the police lie that Judi and Darryl are to blame - 0:44 - 157 KB
  • Too Clever to Catch - Judi tills how FBI and OPD searched her and Darryl's house for bomb-making materials and confiscated Elmer's glue, duct tape and common household items. The real evidence, a fragmentation bomb with motion trigger hidden under Judi's car seat showed she was the target of an assassination attempt - 2:50 - 511 KB
  • Dances With FBI Agents - Judi explains the FBI's covert COINTELPRO tactics used to "expose, misdirect and neutralize" political targets, and lists well-known victims like M. L. King, Fred Hampton, Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt); how it was discovered, then investigated by Congress in 1975, and prohibited as unconstitutional - 5:16 - 939 KB
  • Letters to the Editor - Judi tells how the FBI did a sweeping investigation of the environmental movement under the pretext of looking for the bomber; how they collected letters to the editor from environmentalists and investigated the writers - 2:43 - 491 KB
  • Lawsuit - Judi tells how filing suit against the FBI resulted in the uncovering thousands of pages of evidence and sworn testimony. Lawsuit charges false arrest, unlawful search and seizure, denial of equal protection under law, and conspiracy to violate civil rights by discrediting her and Darryl as terrorists. - - 404 KB
  • Bomb School - Judi tells how, several years into the lawsuit, she discovered that one month before she was bombed, the FBI had conducted a "bomb school" where they blew up cars with pipe bombs and practiced investigating.  Frank Doyle, the instructor at bomb school, was on the scene of Judi's bombing, where he originated the lie that the bomb was in the back of Judi's car where she must have seen it, false evidence that she was carrying it - 3:18 - 492 KB
  • Not a Carload of Nuns - Judi says what police said showed she was targeted specifically because of her Earth First! activism; she says the lawsuit slowed the FBI's harassment of forest activists in the following years - 1:15 - 228 KB
  • Why Join Earth First! - Judi tells of her activist background, and how EF! is a decentralized movement; as long as you agree on the basic principles of biocentrism, no compromise, direct action, and putting the Earth first, you're an Earth First!er. What's needed to save the forest is massive social change - 1:24 - 255 KB
  • Ten Earth First Logging Rules - Judi tells a Sacramento rally outside the Board of Forestry her idea of 10 emergency logging rules needed to protect forests, and says Mendocino County forests have only 10% of their orginal volume of trees. Corporate criminals are not in charge; the Earth comes first! - 5:03 - 892 KB
  • Headwaters Forest Rally 9/15/96 - Judi rallies  thousands gathered outside Pacific Lumber's mill at Carlotta, on behalf of all the forestry struggles everywhere - 2:42 - 478 KB
  • Cancer - Judi tells her radio audience 11/8/96 she has  cancer - 2:58 - 527 KB
For more information about the "Who Bombed Judi Bari?" CD see the Books and Recordings Page

For higher quality 48 mbps MP3 files of all the tracks on the CD go here

 Music Files These are higher quality MP3 files.


The FBI Stole My Fiddle - Judi Bari & Darryl Cherney - 3:49 - 1.8 MB - (24 kbit/sec MP3 mono 22 KHz) Live performance. This file can be streamed over 24 kbps or faster dialup connections. (revised and new smaller file posted 5/19/00)

To stream this item, click here or select and copy the following file name and paste it into the "Play location" window of WinAmp or similar player:
(added 5/21/00)
Who Bombed Judi Bari? -  written and performed by Darryl Cherney - from Darryl's 1991 cassette album "Timber!" You can listen, download or get the lyrics from Darryl's website

This track is also included on the mostly spoken word CD "Who Bombed Judi Bari?" 

If you have a high speed Internet connection you may want to stream it.  (revised 6/3/06)

For more information about the "Who Bombed Judi Bari?" CD see the Books and Recordings Page


Audio Links (to other websites)

  Democracy Now! looks at the history of the FBI and COINTELPRO. (links updated 1/29/07) 

June 5, 2002 program includes part of the 1976 Pacifica radio documentary "Me and My Shadow," featuring interviews with former FBI informers and agent provocateurs. David Sannes was an FBI informer/provocateur in Seattle who quit when he learned the FBI planned to have an activist die in a booby trap bomb explosion and then be blamed for it. (posted 6/5/02, updated 1/30/07) (note: after page loads, click on the link labeled "Listen to segment")

The June 6, 2002 program includes the conclusion of the "Me and My Shadow" documentary about COINTELPRO (posted 6/6/02, updated 1/30/07) (note: after page loads, click on the link labeled "Listen to segment")

The History of Counterintelligence

Ward Churchill, co-author of the COINTELPRO Papers, presents the history of government surveillance, infiltration, and provocation. This talk was a workshop that was part of the National Conference on Organized Resistance. Recorded 1/28/2001 at American University, Washington, D.C.

Judi Bari Case featured on Pacifica's Democracy Now radio show for May 24, 2000

Partial transcript from Democracy Now's audio archive website
Host Amy Goodman: Ten years ago today, on May 24, 1990, a bomb went off under the driver's seat of Earth First! activist Judi Bari's car in Oakland, California. Bari was nearly killed by the bomb -- her pelvis literally exploded. The passenger in her car, Earth First!er Darryl Cherney was shell-shocked, but less seriously wounded. Bari and Cherney were on their way to a Redwood Summer organizing event. For months before the bombing, Judi Bari had been uniting loggers and activists in a campaign against the Timber giants of northern California, whose so called cut and run logging practices, Bari said, were destroying not only the forest but the livelihood of whole communities. This bombing was preceded by an aggressive campaign of death threats and harassment against her. Nearly killed by the blast, Judi Bari lived permanently disabled and in constant pain until she died in 1997 of breast cancer.
Today, ten years later no one has been apprehended in the bombing. For the past nine years, Darryl Cherney and the estate of Judi Bari have been waiting for a trial date in their federal lawsuit against agents of the FBI and Oakland Police. This date has just been set for Oct 2001.

We turn now for the rest of the program to a documentary by Noelle Hanrahan and the Prison Radio Project called "Revolutionary Ecology: The Legacy of Judi Bari," on this tenth anniversary of her bombing. The FBI accused Bari and Cherney of bombing themselves.

Tape: Revolutionary Ecology: The Legacy Of Judi Bari (45 min.)

Note added 2/6/01: This documentary was subsequently revised and extended to 58 min. and is available for listening from this website from a link above on this page.

Click here to hear the whole program in RealAudio, beginning with a very brief item about a School of the Americas protest, followed by new revelations of the FBI COINTELPRO against the Puerto Rican independence movement, and then the Bari segment, or

Click here to listen starting with the Bari segment

Click here for Democracy Now's home page

Judi Bari Case featured on Making Contact radio show for week of May 24, 2000
Show title: "In the Crosshairs: Violence Against Environmental Activists" 
Read a transcript of the show or Listen in Real Audio (link added 2/6/01)
Across the United States, environmental activists experience violence and intimidation because of their political work.  In many cases, law enforcement officials look the other way.  On this program we take a look at repression against environmentalists.

Featuring: Darryl Cherney, Earth First! activist; Karen Pickett, Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters Forest (BACH); Marvin Stender, attorney; David Helvarg, author and private investigator; Tori Woodard, Escalante Wilderness Project; Kirsten Stade, Forest Guardians; Josh Raisler Cohn, Allegheny Defense Project; Alicia Littletree, Redwood Summer Justice Fund (Names in bold face are associated with the Bari/Cherney case.)

Making Contact, a 29-minute public-affairs program fed on the public radio satellite each Wednesday at 12 noon ET, is available free of charge to all public radio stations.

National Radio Project: (510) 251-1332
International Media Project: (650) 851-7256

For the links below you need RealPlayer

The Life of Activist Judi Bari on CounterSpin - March 7, 1997, length 28:06; Judi Bari segment runs from 08:30 to end. (you can skip ahead in RealPlayer to 8:30) Laura Flanders interviews KPFA's Dennis Bernstein and KZYX News Director Annie Esposito about Judi's life just after her death. Includes an interview with Judi by Bernstein in 1991. Produced by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), New York. (revised link posted here 4/27/00, revised 6/3/06)

Political Murder U.S.A. Michael Parenti Political Archive. We often think that the U.S. is free of the kind of political murders and death squads that characterize other countries. In fact, there have been numerous murders of Cubans, Vietnamese, and even some Americans who have opposed prevailing conservative policies at home and abroad. U.S. enforcers have done little about them. (posted here 4/23/97)  (The audio file is no longer available as of 8/24/02)


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