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Articles about Judi Bari 
(last updated  6/13/05)

The Legacy of Judi Bari, 1949 - 1997 - Tributes by David Brower and Karen Pickett 
(from EF! Journal, Eostar 1997, posted here 6/3/02)

Judi Bari Dies But Her Spirit Lives On - Obituary and biography by Nicholas Wilson. "Judi Bari was a fighter and organizer for social and environmental justice. The common denominator in all the causes she fought for was her indignation over injustice, whether in the form of racism, sexism, political repression, economic exploitation, or ecological destruction." The links just below take you directly to the subsections of the article, written March 2, 1997, updated April 20, 1997.

Berkeley Tribute to Judi Bari- A packed house of over 1000 gathered April 26, 1997  in Berkeley to hear Ramona Africa, John Trudell, June Jordan, Michael Parenti and many more honoring the life and achievements of Judi Bari.(posted 5/2/97)

Tradeswoman Critiques Cockburn's Nation Magazine "Memorial" of Judi Bari, Open letter to the editor of The Nation, from Helen Vozenilek, San Francisco, March 13, 1997 (posted 4/20/97)

A Worker Rebuts Alexander Cockburn's Nation magazine criticism of Judi Bari, Open letter to the editor of The Nation, from logger and sawmill millworker Gene Lawhorn, Portland OR, March 20, 1997

A Worker's Tribute to Judi Bari, speech by Gene Lawhorn, U. of Oregon L.A.W. Conference, March 15, 1997

A Women's History Day Tribute to Judi Bari, speech by Ellen Drell, March 10, 1997

Letter from Rabbi Arthur Waskow, another FBI COINTELPRO target who sued and won! February 28, 1997

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Rousing Sendoff for Bari at Memorial PartyAlbion Monitorillustrated story by Nicholas Wilson describes the March 9 memorial in Judi Bari's hometown of Willits CA, and gives significant details of her early life on the East Coast, March 18, 1997

Judi Bari, Environmental Warrior, San Francisco Bay Guardian article by Dennis Bernstein, March 5, 1997

Judi Bari Fights On Despite Worsening IllnessAlbion Monitorstory by Nicholas Wilson, updating developments in the lawsuit agains the FBI and related revelations of scandal in the FBI crime lab, February 25, 1997

Judi Bari Resources Web Link Index Page provided by the Albion Monitor, containing many links to articles and information in the Monitor and many other sites.

Four excellent articles about Judi by Kim Goldberg, columnist for Nanaimo Times and Harbour Life Magazine, all copyright by Kim Goldgerg (all posted 4/20/97)

  • Never Surrender, "It is not often that someone comes into this world who is such a firestorm of passion, wit, insight and resolve that she ignites everyone she comes in contact with, forever altering her universe." Harbour Life Magazine, April 1997
  • The Price of Activism, "In his famous essay titled 'On the Duty of Civil Disobedience,' nineteenth century American writer Henry David Thoreau urged citizens to 'Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence.' Nothing less than liberty and democracy were at stake, Thoreau maintained." Harbour Life Magazine,February 1997
  • Enemies of the State, "In an age when national agendas are dictated by the needs of transnational corporations, citizens protecting the natural resources those corporations must exploit have become the new enemies of the state." Nanaimo Times, January 2, 1996
  • Free Speech Has Its Price, Review of Judi Bari's 1994 book Timber Wars. "Activist Judi Bari's story highlights risks faced by leaders of environmental movement." Nanaimo Times, June 20, 1995